Why P.H.I.?
  • P.H.I. empowers the pannists by providing an infinite range of synthesized instruments on a familiar interface.

  • P.H.I. allows greater flexibility in creating, editing and arranging music through the use of readily available technology. In addition, the familiar layout allows compositions to be done easier than on an electronic keyboard.

  • P.H.I. preserves our culture by allowing easier recording and archiving of steel pan compositions. It also maximizes the potential of MIDI technology and the 4ths and 5ths layout for teaching music to upcoming pannists who may one day become pioneers of our national instrument.

  • P.H.I. is portable due to the use of lightweight materials and the collapsible stand. The entire instrument and its other components fit into a tenor pan case.

  • P.H.I. is attractive. It has a futuristic look and can be easily customized according to the customer's preference.

  • P.H.I. is revolutionary as it encompasses latest hardware and software technology which allows users to keep abreast with technological innovation.

  • P.H.I. is convenient. It occupies very little space and can be used anywhere there is an electricity supply of 115V. Sound can be generated through any Audio-out device such as headphones or PC speakers.
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